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The §1031 Exchange Intermediaries team offers comprehensive services designed to reduce tax liabilities for investors across the country.

Safeguard Your Exchange With Our §1031 Protection Services

§1031 exchanges are an effective strategy that enables investors to reduce the capital gains tax burden and keep more of what they earn from the sale of their property. However, with strict rules and deadlines that must be followed, it can be difficult to successfully execute an exchange without the help of a professional.

The §1031 Exchange Intermediaries team has over three decades of experience providing exchange solutions for investors nationwide. Our experts have a comprehensive understanding of the regulations that guide these strategies, and can help with the following services:

Reduce Your Tax Liability With Our §1031 Exchange Services

You can’t afford any delays in your exchange. Contact the §1031 Exchange Intermediaries team today to schedule your free consultation and start your process.

Our §1031 Protection Solutions

The §1031 Exchange Intermediaries team understands the value you place on your investments. Placing your profits with a third party requires significant amounts of trust, and we respect that by providing comprehensive protection solutions to safeguard your finances.

E&O Coverage

Your exchange transaction is protected with up to $1 million in errors and omissions insurance coverage.

Segregated Escrow Accounts

During your exchange your funds are insured by the FDIC for amounts up to $250,000.00. In addition, your funds are deposited by us in a segregated escrow account and not comingled with other client’s funds. This provides additional protection by insulating your funds from claims of third-parties and other misfeasance.

Our §1031 Partnership Network

Executing a §1031 exchange requires a team of experts that extend beyond our qualified intermediaries and facilitators. The §1031 Exchange Intermediaries staff takes pride in making the process as seamless as possible and maintain a comprehensive network of partners that helps manage all elements of the process.

Our End-to-End §1031 Exchange Process

The IRS has strict guidelines when it comes to a §1031 exchange. This includes identifying the investor’s intent within 45 days and closing the exchange within 180 days. Delays and mistakes impact the transaction’s validity and cause an investor to pay unwanted taxes. The §1031 Exchange Intermediaries team takes pride in delivering a seamless experience by utilizing our end-to-end process:

  • Step One: Consultation

    Our process begins with a consultation where one of our qualified intermediaries assesses an investor’s situation and determines which strategy is best for their needs. We also estimate the potential tax savings to demonstrate the value of a 1031 exchange.

  • Step Two: Navigation

    After finalizing a strategy, our team verifies the exchange meets the conditions necessary to meet the IRS’s guidelines. We have over three decades of experience and take pride in ensuring our client’s transaction isn’t challenged.

  • Step Three: Execution

    Once we verify the exchange’s validity, our experts set up the exchange and handle all of the necessary details and paperwork. Our qualified intermediaries are extremely detail-oriented to make sure mistakes and delays don’t impact the process.

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