Simultaneous 1031 Exchange

1031 Exchange Intermediaries offers simultaneous exchanges that eliminate the capital gains tax through the seamless transfer of property between separate parties.

Defer the Capital Gains Tax While Transferring Property With a 1031 Simultaneous Exchange

Few things irritate investors more than paying the federal government taxes on the money they earned by selling their investments. Tax liabilities, like the capital gains tax, significantly impact their profits and affect their ability to reinvest in the community. Thankfully, there are strategies available that enable individuals to minimize what they owe while keeping more of what they make, such as a 1031 property transfer.

However, not all exchanges are alike. Sometimes two or three parties own property with similar equity and debt. When this happens, they can execute a simultaneous 1031 exchange that enables them to trade deeds while eliminating taxable income. This is a challenging process that features strict timeframes and concrete rules that must be followed.

The qualified intermediaries at 1031 Exchange Intermediaries have the knowledge and experience to find the best situation for investors. We work with our clients to make sure their exchange meets the standards of the IRS and verify that all timelines are followed to ensure a successful simultaneous closing.

Why Work With a Qualified Intermediary for a 1031 Property Transfer?

Simultaneous 1031 exchanges don’t require the assistance of a qualified intermediary, but it’s in the best interest of an investor to partner with one. Simultaneous closing of real estate properties is a difficult structure because each party must ensure there isn’t any excess money involved in the translation, which would lead to taxable income. A reputable qualified intermediary provides peace of mind by:

  • Developing clear instructions to closing officers
  • Preparing exchange agreement documentation
  • Preventing issues that impact the success of the exchange

Reduce Tax Liabilities With a Simultaneous Closing of Real Estate

The 1031 Exchange Intermediaries team has over three decades of experience with simultaneous exchange and leverages that knowledge to prevent delays and mistakes from impacting your tax standing. Contact us today for a free consultation and start developing your strategy.

Why Partner With Our Team?

The 1031 Exchange Intermediaries team has over three decades of experience and leverages our knowledge to build a plan that best suits your needs. There is no flexibility regarding the timelines for a simultaneous exchange, and any unforeseen delays and complications could negate the transaction and make you liable for the capital gains tax.  We carefully follow all exchange rules to ensure a seamless property transfer and support the closing agent in completing the process on time.

Meet Strict Timelines With Our 1031 Property Transfer Process

All parties have 180 days to complete a simultaneous 1031 exchange or risk paying up to 20% in taxes. With time being a serious factor, partnering with an established company provides the support they need to accomplish the exchange in the allotted time. The 1031 Exchange Intermediaries team takes pride in helping our clients keep more of what they earn and successfully finalize exchanges using our end-to-end process.

  • Step One: Consultation

    Our process begins with a consultation where one of our experts reviews the unique facts and goals to determine if it qualifies for a simultaneous 1031 exchange. We also estimate the tax liability to see if an exchange is in the best interest of each party.

  • Step Two: Strategy

    After determining the viability of the simultaneous exchange, our team verifies that each party meets the strict guidelines for a successful exchange. Our attention to detail provides peace of mind that unwanted delays won’t impact the process.

  • Step Three: Execution

    Once we finalize all the details and ensure the strategy meets strict IRS guidelines, our experts execute the exchange and transfer the properties to their new investors. The 1031 Exchange Intermediaries team carefully follows every step, oversees the entire process to make sure it’s done correctly, and retains copies of all documents for five years.

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