Reverse 1031 Exchange Services

Our reverse 1031 exchanges allow you to purchase your next property while waiting for a better market to sell an existing investment.

Defer Taxes While Purchasing Your Next Property With a Reverse Exchange

1031 exchanges are an excellent strategy for avoiding the capital gains tax and increase your net worth through real estate investments. However, as an investor, you never know when the next right property will appear on the market. Traditional exchanges involve selling your existing property before identifying and purchasing the next one.

But what if you want to buy now and sell later? With a 1031 reverse exchange, you can maximize your return by purchasing a replacement property and holding on to an existing property until its value increases. However, reverse 1031 exchanges are difficult to navigate and require the help of a qualified intermediary to verify your strategy meets strict IRS rules and timelines.

The 1031 Exchange Intermediaries team has over three decades of experience and leverages our knowledge to structure your reverse exchange to avoid mistakes and minimize your tax liability on your real estate investments. Working with us provides peace of mind knowing mistakes and delays won’t impact your exchange’s validity.

When You Should Consider a Reverse 1031 Exchange

As a real estate investor, you’re always seeking ways to enhance your position. The market often experiences periods of peaks and valleys, and these typically dictate the best time to buy and sell property. With a reverse exchange, you can take advantage of low market prices and hold on to your current investment in the hopes its value increases in the next 180 days.

Keep More of What You Make With a Reverse 1031 Exchange

The 1031 Exchange Intermediaries team has over three decades of experience and leverages our knowledge to prevent delays and mistakes from impacting your transaction. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and start building your exchange.

Exchange Facilitators That Handle Every Detail of Your Reverse 1031 Exchange

Like other strategies, a reverse 1031 exchange has strict rules and timelines that must be followed for a successful result. Any delays or unforeseen mistakes increase your exposure to the capital gains tax and impact your profits from the sale. Partnering with 1031 Exchange Intermediaries as your exchange accommodators means you’re working with a company that specializes in investment property exchanges. Our team understands the various regulations that dictate an exchange’s viability and handle every detail of the process to ensure success. We’re a detail-oriented staff committed to increasing your property’s return on investment.

Meet the 1031 Reverse Exchange Timeline With Our Process

One of the more challenging elements of a reverse 1031 exchange is that it features strict timelines that must be followed. If they aren’t, you’ll be required to pay the capital gains tax. The IRS has minimal flexibility, and any delays or mistakes puts your profits at risk to Uncle Sam. The 1031 Exchange Intermediaries team takes pride in making sure you get the most out of your investment, and offers an end-to-end process that provides a stress-free experience.

  • Step One: Consultation

    Our process begins with a one-on-one consultation where a 1031 Exchange Intermediaries team member analyzes your situation and determines with a reverse 1031 exchange suits your needs. This includes verifying you have the necessary funds to purchase the next property.

  • Step Two: Strategy

    Experiencing delays in the process puts your exchange at risk. Our team follows all deadlines and identifies which property you’re selling within 45 days and works with you to relinquish it within 180 days. We handle and create all documents and verify all relevant details are included.

  • Step Three: Execution

    Once we finalize the details, our team structures your exchange to meet the standards of the IRS and verifies it meets their strict rules. We also retain copies of all paper work for five years following the exchange. Working with us provides peace of mind knowing there won’t be challenges to your transaction and it will increase your return on investment.

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