1031 Deferred Exchange

1031 Exchange Intermediaries helps clients avoid the capital gains tax by reinvesting their profits into a replacement tax-deferred property.

Reduce Tax Liabilities With a 1031 Deferred Tax Exchange

Investing in property is an excellent wealth-building strategy that enables individuals to build their net worth through passive income. But if an investor decides to relinquish their property, they may not realize their level of exposure to Uncle Sam. Real estate transactions require the payment of a capital gains tax, which could consume up to 20% of the profits and impact their ability to reinvest the money.

To reduce their tax liability, many individuals take advantage of Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. This allows them to eliminate the capital gains tax by reinvesting earnings into a like-kind property. However, completing a successful exchange is challenging because of built-in restrictions, and a failed exchange means the investor must pay what they owe.

The experts at 1031 Exchange Intermediaries offer 1031 deferred exchanges that enable clients to sell their existing investment before identifying their replacement property. Our qualified intermediaries take pride in handling all elements of the process to ensure a successful exchange and reduce tax liabilities.

Keep More of What You Earn With a 1031 Deferred Exchange

1031 Exchange Intermediaries understands the challenges associated with a deferred tax exchange. That’s why our team works closely with you to make sure your exchange is done right and on time. Contact us today for a free consultation and start building your exchange.

Why Work With Our 1031 Exchange Intermediaries?

Completing a successful 1031 deferred exchange is challenging because the IRS has stringent rules about what properties qualify and strict timelines that must be followed. Partnering with a reputable qualified intermediary is the best approach to verifying your property meets the necessary standards and that the process has minimal delays. Working with the 1031 Exchange Intermediaries team helps investors eliminate the mistakes that cause a failed transaction. Partnering with our experts provides the following advantages:

Experienced Team

The 1031 Exchange Intermediaries team has over 30 years of experience helping clients navigate the 1031 deferred exchange process. We leverage our knowledge to help investors gain an in-depth understanding of this strategy and handle all the technical aspects of the exchange to maximize their tax savings.

Detail Oriented

1031 exchanges operate on a strict timeline, and any delays in the process could lead to a failed tax deferral and cause the investor to pay the capital gains fee. Our team is extremely detail oriented and works hard to eliminate errors and mistakes to ensure a successful exchange.

Our End-to-End Tax Deferred Property Exchange Property

The 1031 deferred exchange process has strict limits on when certain elements should be done. This includes identifying the next investment within 45 days of the sale and acquiring the replacement property within 180 days. Partnering with the experts at 1031 Exchange Intermediaries provides peace of mind knowing all objectives and timelines will be met. Our team accomplishes exchanges by following our end-to-end process.

  • Step One: Consultation

    Our process begins with a consultation where a 1031 Exchange Intermediaries team member identifies which exchange best suits the client’s needs. We take time to assess the property and pinpoint the investment goals before estimating the tax liability.

  • Step Two: Strategy

    After determining that a 1031 deferred exchange is the best approach, we ensure the client meets the terms and conditions for a successful exchange. Our staff can connect an investor with realtors to help identify their next property and make sure it’s completed within the necessary time frame.

  • Step Three: Execution

    Once we finalize the strategy and verify it meets the IRS guidelines, our team begins executing the exchange. We take pride in carefully following every rule and preventing any mistakes from impacting the final result of the exchange. Our team also keeps copies of all documents for five years.

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