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We help clients nationwide defer the capital gains tax with comprehensive 1031 real estate exchange services.

Reduce Tax Liabilities With a 1031 Exchange

Selling an investment property is an exciting time for an investor. It rewards them for their smart decisions, enabling them to increase their net worth and provide a more financially secure future for themselves and their family. However, the traditional process of relinquishing an investment exposes the proceeds from the sale to the capital gains tax. Paying this impacts an investor’s profits and affects their ability to reinvest with the community. With a 1031 real estate exchange, an individual can defer the capital gains tax by investing their earnings into a new property.

However, these exchanges have strict rules and timelines, and failing to adhere to them negates the transaction. Partnering with an experienced qualified intermediary is the best approach to ensuring a seamless process. The 1031 Exchange Intermediaries team has over three decades of experience and leverages that knowledge to help our clients eliminate paying taxes on the sale of their relinquished property.

Keep More of Your Profits With Our 1031 Exchange Services

The 1031 Exchange Intermediaries team leverages our three decades of experience to help you maximize your return on investment with a 1031 real estate exchange. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and start building your strategy.

Our 1031 Real Estate Exchange Services

In order to qualify for tax deferral, an exchange must be in place prior to the closing on the sale or purchase of any real estate intended as part of the exchange. Unfortunately, some taxpayers mistakenly believe that simply placing the proceeds from a sale in escrow is adequate or compliant. Without an agreement setting forth the intent to receive a replacement property, the taxpayer will be treated as having received the proceeds notwithstanding the deposit of the proceeds into an escrow account.

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