Reduce Tax Liabilities
With Our §1031 Exchange Services

For over 25 years, the §1031 Exchange Intermediaries team has been helping investors across the country minimize capital gains tax burdens related to the sale of commercial or investment real estate.

Maximize Your Return on Investment With Our §1031 Exchange Services

Investing in real estate has one simple goal – to increase the value of the investment. A §1031 exchange is one of the most important tools available for increasing the value of your investment.

A properly structured §1031 exchange can:

  • Defer capital gain taxes typically due upon a sale.
  • Eliminate depreciation recapture which results from a sale.
  • Reduces debt on future purchases of real estate.
  • Allows for maximum reinvestment, increasing the return to the investor.

The IRS has strict rules and timelines that must be followed to successfully complete an exchange. Partnering with a reputable and experienced qualified intermediary is the best approach for preventing mistakes which can jeopardize your tax deferral.

The 1031 Exchange Intermediaries team has over 30 years of experience helping our clients defer capital gains tax by successfully completing their §1031 exchanges. We put our knowledge to work for our clients to develop the right strategy to maximize their tax savings.

Our §1031 Exchange Services

Our Tax Terminator© Process

Like most areas of the Internal Revenue Code, §1031 requires strict compliance with the conditions set forth in the statute and related regulations. The §1031 Exchange Intermediaries team has the experience and resources to properly structure and execute your exchange transaction. Don’t put your tax deferral at risk.

Our Tax Terminator© process has three parts:

Step One: Consultation

The process begins by gathering the unique facts of your situation and understanding your objectives. It is also critical to estimate your the potential tax liability and determine the possible savings resulting from an exchange versus a sale.

Step Two: Strategy

After reviewing the facts of the proposed transaction we provide our clients with options for achieving their financial goals which seek to minimize or eliminate any risks, as well as adding potential savings strategies.

Step Three: Execution

Once we have developed a strategy suitable for the client our team will set up the exchange in compliance with applicable safe harbor rules and regulations. Exchange documents are prepared, delivered and executed within important exchange time frames to insure compliance. At the completion of the exchange our clients receive a complete set of exchange documents evidencing compliance with critical IRS regulations and requirements. We retain a copy of these documents for five years.

Testimonials / Success

“They were fantastic! Jim and his entire staff were great! Barb was very knowledgeable, got me all the necessary documents needed, and was always a phone call or email away. The pricing was competitive to the market, and the additional property pricing was fantastic. We did multiple properties in 1031, and the process was extremely easy. Teaming up with 1031 Exchange Intermediaries, along with great communication, made the entire process easy. Would recommend them to anyone in need of a 1031 exchange.”

“We’ve used Jim Davis and their team on multiple deals throughout the years. Their work is accurate and timely. Barb is absolutely amazing with her work. She is extremely organized and on top of everything, which is important since 1031 exchanges are timeline/deadline driven. I highly recommend them.”

“Great experience all around. Jim is knowledgeable and took time to answer my questions up front. Barb was responsive, organized, and communicated directly with our real estate broker and attorney. The entire process was very smooth from start to finish!”

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